A Trip Down Twitter-y Lane

Twitter launched in July of 2006 and I joined on Oct 4th, 2010. I have to admit that before I joined, I had my reservations about twitter. I didn’t really understand what it was all about and thought it was just about following celebrities and tweeting about the minutia of every day life. I had no idea what an amazing tool it was and how much it would shrink the world for me and connect me with so many different people. I am currently approaching 600 followers and 3000 tweets on my Twitter account, fairly modest numbers I would wager, but I thought I would take a trip down Twitter-y lane and check out my early Twitter feed! So I actually scrolled back to the beginning to see how I, and Twitter, have evolved in the 3 years I have been on.

Here is my first tweet! (Kind of funny I think.)

Ryan Josephson @jojo7415

For my first tweet I would like to say something profound so here goes…I don’t think Kevin Costner movies are that bad. There, I said it.

  05:34 AM – 05 Oct 10

As I read through my early tweets I noticed a few things. First of all, I used to tweet a lot more than I do now. I attribute this to the fact that at the time, Twitter and Facebook were my only social media sites, and I had way more time to tweet. Now my time is split between so many more social media sites and apps on my phone, (not to mention a 4 year old daughter and a girlfriend). I also noticed that my earlier tweets were much more whimsical and a lot less edited than they are now. I was tweeting to be funny and was not too concerned about the content. My tweets were not crude or anything, but I was a lot more free back then. At the time I was still learning how to post photo’s and video’s. I was talking about songs to listen to instead of posting the song or YouTube video. I was having a lot of fun contributing to different trending hashtags, which I rarely do anymore. I really dove in at the beginning and instantly loved Twitter. I loved connecting with people I didn’t know from all over the world.

The funny thing about reading through my tweets was that I remembered all of them, and some of them seemed like I just tweeted them yesterday. In many cases it didn’t seem like 3 years ago. It was also very cool to see the tweets of some of the milestones in my life over the past 3 years. In some ways it was like a little diary. I really enjoyed that aspect of looking back. A lot changes in 3 years and Twitter is a daily record of the things happening in our personal lives and in the world. Pretty amazing.

For all of you on Twitter, I encourage you to take a trip down Twitter-y lane. Do you remember what your very first tweet was? I would love to hear it. Feel free to share!


11 thoughts on “A Trip Down Twitter-y Lane

  1. Ryan I’ll still read your posts even though you like Kevin Costner.

    I’m really new to twitter and my first post was last year, really not even a post but a retweet to win tickets to Stuart mc leans vinyl cafe. Sadly I didn’t win. Maybe that’s why I stopped using twitter until eci 831.

    • Haha. Thanks Shauna. If you want to give Kevin another try might I suggest Tin Cup, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, or JFK. All good movies, all starring Kevin Costner.

      Sorry you didn’t win Stuart Mclean tickets but I hope that you are getting more out of Twitter this time around. My advice to people that are unsure about Twitter is to start following people (friends, relatives, strangers, celebrities, educators, whomever!) and just observe for a while. See what people are tweeting about. Click on some links, watch some video’s, click on some hashtags, start slow and then when you feel comfortable, tweet away. They don’t have to be funny or profound or clever. Just go for it!

      Thanks for the comment Shauna!

  2. Ryan, I am glad you had the courage to tweet about Kevin Costner! I followed your advice and checked out my first tweet… it was to a friend saying “I did it! I tweeted! #technophobe”.

    If you could go back in time, would you say something different?

  3. Thank you for this post. It made me laugh! I am fairly new to Twitter(233 tweets). I’m sure that 200 of those are retweets. My first tweet was thanking someone for telling me to join Twitter! Gosh I’m polite!

  4. Ryan – thanks for encouraging me to revisit my early tweets! Turns out my first 10 tweets or so with direct tweets to other people – guess that says a lot about my initial fear of sharing with the world! It’s fascinating to see how our communication on social media sites evolves – going through the same kind of exercise on Facebook would be equally enlightening, I think!

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