No Day Like Today!

I thought I would title my first Blog ever with one of my favorite quotes, from one of my favorite musicals of all time, Rent. It is useful in so many situations, whether you are giving up a bad habit, making a positive change in your life, or just deciding to live your life to fullest, there is “no day like today”. In my case, there is “no day like today” to write and share my first Blog ever!

I will start with a little bit about myself, however, I always find it hard, when writing a bio, to find that right balance of interesting personal information and pertinent professional information. It is somewhere in the middle between an online dating bio and a professional resume, you don’t want to get too personal but you don’t want to come across boring either. Anyway, here goes. My name is Ryan Josephson, and I am a father of a beautiful 4 year old daughter. I have been in the education business for 15 years, teaching high school (mostly senior math), with a little coaching on the side (mostly basketball), and some drama directing thrown in for good measure (mostly musicals). In my spare time I love to golf and play other sports. I am also involved in the performing arts. My main love is improv, but I also like to sing and play the guitar and do a little acting when I can. There is something very addicting about the stage to me and I can’t get enough of it.

EC&I 831 is my 5th masters class and the first elective I have taken thus far. I am really looking forward to a different style of class than my previous 4 classes. As far as my comfort level with technology, I have always felt as though I have been a few steps behind but I do feel as though I am beginning to catch up a little bit. As far as social media goes, I think I am fairly tuned in, especially in my personal life. I use Facebook and twitter quite extensively to stay connected with friends, colleagues, and educators, and to promote the various shows and endeavors I am involved with. I hope to share some of my many social media experiences as we move forward in this class and in my Blog’s. Beyond social media, I feel like I have a lot to learn. I am excited to learn more about all the technology available to make my classes more interesting and engaging. I firmly believe that making connections to people is a an amazing way to learn, and this can be accomplished face to face or through social media.

My goal for this class is to continue to connect with and learn from other educators and to open myself up to all the possibilities that technology may hold for my teaching practices. My personal hang-up with technology is related to my subject area. I have always found it difficult to adapt many of the technological tools to mathematics, and I have always felt that it would be too time consuming to do so, and the pressure to cover curriculum in a timely fashion often over-rules my desire to incorporate technology. However, I know that there are senior math teachers out there that are doing it, and it is time for me to just give myself over to the process. So that is what I am going to try and do. No day like today!

I know that we are only a week in, but I am thoroughly enjoying this class so far! I look forward to getting to know all my classmates better and continue to connect and share. Live and let learn!


1 thought on “No Day Like Today!

  1. Good to see you jumping in Ryan (I can’t remember the last time I called you that)…I think you should have let me write your bio for you 😛

    I know that it is a struggle to incorporate technology into math to some extent, although it is not my subject area. What I do know, is that you are an amazing teacher and a lot of the things that you are doing in your class should be shared through a medium like this. The process of math is important and I think that taking time to share it will help a lot of other teachers, especially ones that connect on Twitter through the #mathchat hashtag. There is a great opportunity for you to share what you do and help a lot of others.

    Congratulations on jumping in my friend! It is good to know that a lot of educators will have the opportunity to learn from and with you.


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